Boiserie is a French word which literally means "wood furnishing of a room." Plural is used to define inlays and engravings on wooden panels: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, partitions and room dividers. Loved in the Renaissance time, was born and spread more in France where it had the most extensive and rich environment decorations. Soon became a decorative element, while emerging as the need to defend itself from the weather and cold winter days in the great rooms of castles and palaces. We find wood panelling and gilded lacquered panels or covered with mirrors, refined inlaids and valuable decorations in mother of pearl, especially in the interior of the houses of the XVII and XVIII century. Boiserie collection is a line of boiserie and furniture made on measurement that customise every house, every area of work, making them unique. Environments are designed and created with care to meet the desire of those who love classic natural colour of wood. Since 1959 the mark Simioni, with its customized boiserie and furniture, represents a landmark in an area where art, manual dexterity, experience and love for wood merge together in order to transform simple spaces into personal environments.